Evolving out of Eden

Christian Responses to Evolution

Robert M. Price  •  Edwin A. Suominen


The reality of evolution and human origins is now beyond any scientific dispute. We are first cousins to the chimpanzees, descendants not of any biblical Adam but of lumbering hairy ancestors who were making fires and hand axes in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago. This challenges many foundational doctrines of Christianity.

Concerned believers are walking a troubled middle path between Genesis and genetics, threatened with the loss of a cherished faith on the one hand or their intellectual integrity on the other. To escort the faithful through the hostile territory outside Eden’s comforting fairyland, a whole cottage industry of science-savvy theologians has emerged. But do they manage to get anywhere?

Writing with the combination of high criticism and low humor that fans have come to love from Robert M. Price, he and co-author Edwin A. Suominen survey the apologetic landscape and offer their own frank reckoning of evolution’s significance for Christian belief.

A sympathetic, comprehensive, and unique study of the so-far unsuccessful but serious attempts by science-savvy theologians to reconcile science with Christianity

—Victor J. Stenger, author of the New York Times bestseller God: The Failed Hypothesis.

This book is an exceptionally well-written, informed and witty smack down of Christian attempts to deny the fact of evolution or incorporate it into their faith. The authors show us in this masterful book, the likes of which I have never seen before, that the implications of evolution are devastating for the Bible and the doctrines based on it. Absolutely brilliant!

—John W. Loftus, author of Why I Became an Atheist and The Outsider Test for Faith

If I ever have to teach another workshop on how to debate creationists, this volume will be my textbook. Everything is there: comprehensive deconstruction of the Christian bible and its several myths of creation, comparative mythology and folklore, and all the relevant science from astronomy and quantum physics to molecular genetics and population biology. It clearly exposes the fatal flaws of biblical creationism, scientific creationism, creation science, intelligent design, and, yes, theistic evolution.

—Frank R. Zindler, editor of American Atheist Press, author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew and Through Atheist Eyes: Scenes From a World That Won’t Reason (4 vols.)

Evolving out of Eden offers something unprecedented—a joint effort by a theologian and a highly accomplished engineer, both former Christian believers, to explicate the theology and the science behind more than a century of Christian responses to the challenge posed by Darwinian evolution. This bidisciplinary approach is hugely important, since in their struggle to blunt the naturalistic import of evolutionary theory Christian apologists have often combined audacious theological maneuvers with sometimes innocent, sometimes willful misrepresentations of science. Between them, Price and Suominen possess all the tools to track this quarry wherever it might dodge. Highly recommended!

—Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry Magazine

In a brief but perceptive account of memetics, Evolving out of Eden gives one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of how the memes of religion work. They grab the attention of millions of minds, spreading themselves as viruses of the mind, not for our benefit but for their own. With vivid analogies it explains why the Jesus story is such an ‘amazing memetic success’— despite being false.

—Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machine

A rigorous (and humorous) examination of the questionable hypotheses offered by today’s Christian apologists for jamming square pegs into round holes or trying to keep oil and water mixed when in fact doctrinal Christianity and evolution are at best on a blind date with one another. Marriage does not seem to be an option, not after reading this book! I especially loved the section entitled, ‘Damage Control.’

—Edward T. Babinski, editor of Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists

I love this book! It is an important addition to the field of Biblical studies, the most complete single-volume examination of evolution and the Bible that I’ve ever read. Anyone with any semblance of an open mind will see this book as the final nail in the coffin of theology that treats the Bible as a science text.

—Charles Shingledecker, author of The Crazy Side of Orthodoxy

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